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Germany: Minister wants to achieve 20% organic

During the kickoff of the Biofach 2016 the current German Minister of Food and Agriculture Christian Schmidt stated that he sees continued potential in the organic trade and the subsequent proceeds for farmers,  explains Fresh Plaza . The world-leading fair for organic products took place in Nuremberg mid-February.


Because of the rising popularity of organic produce among consumers, Schmidt wants to improve the organic agriculture in Germany. The future for the German organic brands is exceptionally positive. The sales of organic food was 8.62 billion Euro in Germany in 2015. For the first time since 2008 the sales figures increased by double digits (+11%). The representative survey commissioned by the Ministry about the consumption of organic food show that 25% of the German consumers chooses or considers organic products when they are shopping for food. 24% of the consumers only or mainly buy organic products, and another 46% purchase organic products occasionally. The survey states that animal welfare and the support of regional companies are the main motivations to buy organic products. The favorite organic products of the Germans are eggs, followed closely by fruit and vegetables, potatoes and meat.

Therefore minister Schmidt pressures Brussels for the urgent need of organic regulations in the EU. So that mandatory organic standards, especially for imported products from outside the EU, are implemented. Schmidt emphasizes that organic is more than just deciding on threshold values. According to Schmidt the organic agriculture is, together with the conventional agriculture, an important pillar of the German agriculture. However the German farmers don’t use the possibility of the organic market enough. Together with the states, associations and science, conditions will be created to achieve an organically farmed acreage of 20%.

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